Free Last-Mile Delivery Management for SMBs

To aid SMBs through the COVID-19, we are pre-releasing our free out-of-the box software to manage your delivery operations.

(No credit card required)

BringgNow is your last-mile delivery solution to immediately launch or scale your delivery operations. With BringgNow you can quickly load incoming orders, dispatch deliveries to your own drivers or crowdsource fleets and deliver the goods to your customers with a branded, real-time tracking experience.

Effortless Onboarding

BringgNow is built for speed. Get your delivery operations up and running TODAY.

  • 1-step registration
  • No training required. Bringg’s video tutorials and simple user interfaces make onboarding and use a breeze
  • Simply enter your business address, select your drivers, and choose your delivery partners

Simplified Order Management 

Create and manage incoming orders on the intuitive BringgNow web dashboard.

  • Orders can be manually entered or uploaded via CSV, or created automatically via API integration
  • Real-time control tower view of order progress from creation through completion
  • Identify issues in the field immediately with automated alerts (driver will be late, customer not home, etc.)

Efficient Fleet Management

Actively monitor and manage your delivery operations with real-time visibility of your delivery fleet and your partners’ fleets.

  • Manage your own fleet of drivers with a dedicated driver app
  • Integrate with crowdsource fleets like Doordash and Postmates 
  • Communicate and track Dispatch/Driver chats in the app
  • See in real-time the location of all active drivers


Manage the delivery of planned and hotshot orders by dispatching the right drivers at the right time.

  • Manually assign single/multiple orders to internal drivers or external fleets
  • Automatically broadcast orders out to your drivers for quick dispatch 
  • Easily reassign orders to external fleets in peak hours to meet demand

Empower Drivers

Easily onboard new drivers with BringgNow’s intuitive Driver app (available in iOS and Android).

  • See a clear list of driver’s delivery tasks with instructions (e.g., contactless delivery, signature required, etc.)
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Communicate with the driver and customers and home base
  • Digital proof of delivery (signature and photo capture with GPS/time stamp)

Customer Satisfaction

Provide a branded customer experience and keep customers informed with live tracking and real-time communications.

  • SMS notifications for order status and driver location
  • Real-time, Uber-like tracking of their delivery driver
  • Communication between customer and driver
  • Capture rating of delivery experience upon order completion 


 Start delivering today